Taco Bell Bucket List

Taco Bell Bucket List

16 Taco Bell Restaurants to visit before you die. #BucketList


16.) 2308 E Riverside Dr - Austin, Texas

 The tile work around the toilets in the men's restroom was laid by world famous artist Salvador Paille. The restroom is for customers only but if you are in a hurry the door code is: 12345


15.) 500 W Madison St - Chicago, Illinois

 Located in the back of the food court, this franchise has a trap door in the floor right below the cash register.  If you say the secret word (printed at the bottom of your receipt) the cashier will get dunked in a vat of cold nacho cheese.


 14.) 2224 NW 13th St - Gainesville, Florida

 This store has a working guillotine in the lobby.


13.) 633 Main St - Billings, Montana

 Located on the South side of town, this store allows several customers a day the opportunity to slaughter a steer that will be turned into taco meat. The steer live in the back parking lot and are tied to a stake to make them easier to catch and strangle.


12.) 2415 N Coast Hwy. - Newport, Oregon

The napkins in this store are made of 100% recycled napkins from the Baskin Robbins across the street.


11.) 4105 Chambers Rd - Denver, Colorado

Pip, the store manager, can balance 4 hard shell tacos on his head while singing the Taco Bell theme song.


10.) 912 E Apache Blvd- Tempe, Arizona

This store is where Taco Bell experiments with different fillings for its burritos. On any given day you could be eating Ostrich, Flamingo, Elk or even Horse.  


9.) 28020 Wixom Rd - Wixom, Michigan

 There is a snocone machine in the women's restroom. Bring extra quarters.


8.) 74-5620 Palani Rd - Kona, Hawaii

 The only Taco Bell on the big island of Hawaii. It features a stray dog petting zoo and one of only 7 living pinatas in the world. 


7.) 3401 Walnut St - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Home of the Liberty Bell.


6.) 14005 Abercorn St - Savannah, Georgia

 Order a meat milkshake off of the secret menu. It is made with vanilla ice cream and taco meat and is served with a mild hot sauce packet.


5.) 1111 SW 2nd Ave - Portland, Oregon

 Located in the museum of police precinct and serving a limited menu of just soft tacos and diet mountain dew.


4.) 1400 S Blaine St, Moscow, Idaho

 A new store featuring an experimental ordering system where customers shout at a robot. 


3.)  691 Eddy St - San Francisco, California 

 Built an an ancient start-up burying ground, this store has a full menu but serves as a shrine to the pets.com sock puppet. 


2.) 400 Broad Street, - Seattle, Washington 

 Situated on the observation deck of the Space Needle. 


1.) 420 E 54th St #33C - New York, New York

 Located in the back of former Taco Bell manager's apartment. While this is an unofficial store - the food is better than any you will find at an official franchise store. Also all the napkins have hand drawn logos. 


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