Pie from American Pie: Today

Pie from American Pie: Today

Here's what the pie from the American Pie movie looks like today.

 After several years laying low and numerous rounds of reconstructive surgery, the pie from the 1999 film, AMERICAN PIE, is back in the public eye. The money from the movie allowed for an updated look and a higher quality lattice crust.


American Pie - Today

Photo Credit: Crust Family Photo 

The pie whoes real name is Burnt Crust came out of hiding recently after actor Jason Biggs claimed they used a prosthetic pie on set during the famous scene.

"Oh, that was a real pie, I know because I'm the one that took the blunt force of Mr. Biggs' punishment. It was probably my hardest gig ever, but it put both my little hand pies through school, so it was worth it."



Crust's IMDB page reads like a Marie Callender's commerical except for his breakout role in AMERICAN PIE.



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