We tried the OREOs made for Dogs!

We tried the OREOs made for Dogs!

We tried the Oreos made for dogs: here is our review.

Nabisco is branching out into treats for fido with their new line of Oreo Cookie Cremes for Dogs.  They are releasing 2 flavors, Double Chocolate and Bacon, in select US markets starting next month.


Bacon Oreos


The smell of these cookies is the first thing that hits you. You feel like a line cook at a greasy spoon during the Sunday brunch rush. It's a potent bacon aroma to say the least. 

The next thing to hit you is the oil. These cookies are dripping with actual bacon grease. At first I was so put off that I wanted to scrap the tasting all together but then I got brave a took a bite. 

Wow - I've eaten a lot of bacon flavored foods in my role as head food critic, and normally the flavor is just liquid smoke. The food scientists at Oreo used actual bacon in the creme center and the pay off is throught he roof.

This is a savory treat for sure, but I ate nearly the entire bag before I remembered to give one to my dog. My dog likes them too. 


Double Chocolate Oreos

Double Chocolate

When I opened the package I honestly couldn't tell the difference from an Oreo made for humans and this one marketed for dogs. This is a chocolate cookie wafer with a very rich chocolate creme filling. I assume they are using a very high quality dark chocolate.

I liked it very much and so did my dog, Walter.  He literally ate all but the two cookies I set aside for myself. He also managed to scarf down half of the packaging. While Walter seemed to really enjoy the cookies - he did start to violently vomit a few minutes after we were done testing.  We've taken him to the vet for observation - you can never be too careful with your fur babies.



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