France's French Fry Diet

France's French Fry Diet

The French Fry Diet That is taking Europe by Storm.


Once considered only a food for "Fat"Americans, the French Fry is quickly becoming a diet trend among Europe's morbidly obese population.

Food Blogger Pierre Latute recently posted in an online column that he lost 15 pounds when he accidentally ordered 300 orders of French Fries from a local burger shop.  Instead of sending the food back or throwing it away, Latute decided to replace all of his other meals with the extra fries.

Over the course of 2 weeks Latute became extremely ill as he ate his way through the fries.

"Once you get used to all he trips to the restroom and the greasy skin and the heart flutters; you can start to feel the change taking place. I've never really been a fan of vegetables, but if you are going to eat potatoes, this is the way to do it!"

When word of Latute's discovery was picked up by several morning tv shows; thousands of people started to experiment with the diet. A man from Northern Scotland has been on the diet for over 2 months and is down 45 pounds.

Nutritionists warn that the results of this type of diet will be short lived and could cause more serious problems such as clogged pipes in older homes that could require thousands of dollars to repair. A doctor in Germany who tried the diet to test its validity was found dead after only 8 days of being on the diet. Medical examiners were unable to determine a cause of death, but doubt it had anything to do with the 20 orders of fries he was eating each day.

Diet experts think the trend will continue for a few more weeks before the diet is replaced by something else. Rumors are circulating it could possibly be cottage cheese smoothies.

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