Controversal Spaghetti Recipe

Controversal Spaghetti Recipe

The spaghetti recipe that has Washington DC so upset.

Washington, DC

Lawmakers on Capital Hill are calling for a special hearing after celebrity chef Jamie Olives posted a family recipe on his website.

The recipe titled "Grandma's Traditional Spaghetti" looks like a normal spaghetti recipe except for a few odd ingredients like cinnamon, horse radish and pickled ginger. The most alarming item on the ingredients list however calls for 5 headless kittens (fur to taste). 

Chef Olive defended the recipe over the weekend saying.

"This is a traditional spaghetti recipe from the old world and I understand how some people may find this unnerving. However, any butcher worth his stripes should know how to take the head off of a kitten."

These remarks seemed to enrage animal advocates even more calling for the Food Network to cancel his very popular cooking show "Pet Food".

June Rivercross, President of the New York Chapter of the P.E.T.S. Foundation, released this statement to the media.

"There is not place in our society for a monster of this magnitude. The Food Network needs to do what is right and pull this mad man from the airwaves."

So far Glen Newdong, Vice President of Programming for the Food Network, has stayed relatively silent.  His only remark so far was a tweet saying "I know it's wrong, but it tastes so good."

Congress plans to call Chef Olive before a special FDA panel next week.


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