Olive Garden Breadstick Mystery Solved

Olive Garden Breadstick Mystery Solved

Olive Garden employee reveals the secret to never ending breadsticks.

 Salt Lake City, UTAH

 The mystery surrounding Olive Garden's Never Ending Breadsticks may have been solved. 

Jared Newsome, an Olive Garden employee at the Trolly Station store in Salt Lake City, Utah may have accidentally given up the secret in a voicemail message to his mom.

Newsome's message detailed the process by which store employees use slight of hand to refill bread baskets without customers noticing. The message also referenced a closet in the back of the kitchen that might be where the breadsticks originate.

"...and I was going to open the door to the breadstick closet, but the door got jammed. They had to call Jerry over to fix it and he nearly lost his mind. I’ve never seen Ken so freaked out; he literally pulled a chunk of hair out of his head...” 

Scientist have wondered for years how Olive Garden is able to offer items on its never ending menu. The soup mystery was solved in 1998 when construction crews dug up a series of pipes leading to a store in New Jersey. It was discovered that the network of pipes carries hot soup to every franchise from Olive Garden Headquarters.

The salad mystery was nearly solved in 2008 when long time employee Kim Sanders was set to testify before the FDA on the matter. She was murdered inside her Motel 6 room the night before she was to speak.

As for the breadsticks; officials have claimed for years they make the breadsticks on site, but engineers estimate it would take 100 bread ovens to produce the amount of sticks that are served each day at a single restaurant. Many have speculated there must be an element of magic involved - and that might be what is happening with the “breadstick closet” Mr. Newsome refers to in his message.

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